Things I love most about Copenhagen:

Fruit and flower stands. You just know these perfectly ripe berries and veggies haven’t come from too far away to grace you with their pungent flavors and vibrant colors…They seemingly scream for pictures and patronage, which I seem to provide quite consistently, mind you.

Bicycles: Known here as a ‘cykel’, these two-wheeled eco-friendly vehicles are more than just a form of transportation. They are a statement. Be it for greener living, or city efficiency, bicycling here is the way to go. On any given day…rain, snow, sleet, or shine, you will see the city bike lanes filled to the brim with ecological travelers of all sorts; from a mother taking her 3 children to school in the front wagon, to the classic, business-suited man, riding away…wherever you may look, there is ‘cykel-splendor’ on every corner.

Perhaps one of the most sacred European treasures is that of the rooftop terrace: There is just something magical about sitting under the Scandinavian Sun or Star lit Sky with friends and a festive beverage…such as tea. The combination of fresh air, potted plants, and good company is simply supreme, and that’s what it all comes down to.

Sunflowers, Strawberries, City Bikes and a View from the Top – A ‘cykel’ basket filled with city delights.