As a child of four incredibly different, entirely passionate individuals, there are a few customs that I will never cease to appreciate…no matter how many thousands of miles might separate me from my parents and dear siblings, our love is strong, our skype conversations long :)

Family Dinners are among my favorite traditions of yore, which unfortunately became a rarity the older we all got, and the more consumed our schedules became with school and various sporting events…on the nights when we all six sat down to a meal before 10pm, we knew it was something special. And so I thought, why limit these delicious gatherings to just dinner? I love to throw in an occasional weekend brunch, savoring the spontaneity of a fresh batch of heart waffles and fresh fruit, washed down by multiple cups of tea and coffee…That is why my roomies and I have decided to continue the tradition of sitting down together to a hearty meal, sharing our ‘scouting reports’, as my dad liked to call them, and ending our long days with a smile…

As a noble Irish Proverb puts it: “Laughter is Brightest where Food is Best.”

Vegetable Quiche with fresh Mozzarella, served with field greens and a homemade vinaigrette

Heart Waffles fresh off the press, served warm with seasonal strawberries, bananas and lavender honey

Potato Leek Soup Served with a Zesty Bruschetta on fresh Country Bread, toasted of course.

Here’s to carrying on tradition. Enjoying Company. Enjoying Food. Enjoying Life.~p.e.