Now that Swan Lake has re-premiered over at the Opera House, it is time to get going on the next Program of our season: A traditional Bournonville classic known as Napoli. It shall be noted, however, that this unique version is a clever twist on the original –created in 1842- as it has been re-set to take place in the 1950’s with an entirely new set, costume designs, and Second Act of choreography. Amongst costume fittings, and playing with props, it was an exciting day at the Old Stage

Cigarettes and Lemon-cello hide amongst heavy rimmed glasses and hand-crafted pitchers waiting to serve a Rowdy Italian or two.

A stack of 'mock' tutus for Sleeping Beauty, awaiting to be fixed and fastened onto each ballerina that graces the Costume Room.

Remnants of the infamous, Third Act Tarantella hide amidst crumpled Newspapers announcing the Mafia's latest Strike!

A Form-Fitted TuTu for Sleeping Beauty awaits it's final touches...

New Stage Make-up for the company was generously provided by MAC this season.

Another day at “the office” concludes with sore feet and a smile….time for Tea.