This Sunday I enjoyed my favorite Meal of the week in the company of three lovely ladies I am lucky enough to call my friends and colleagues – Brunch at Konditori Antoinette, a precious, Parisian-inspired Cafe that is tucked back into the most precious Courtyard right in the midst of city center. At this very gem of a confectionary, we cozied up to steaming lattés and awaited the infamous brunch platter á la carte.

It wasn’t long before our tummies were warmed with anticipated espresso & hot milk, a perfect starter to the 3 hour brunch of delicious food and appetizing conversation that was to ensue…

While waiting we enjoyed eyeing the “Cake Table” a special set up they had going to celebrate the “Golden Age Festival” that occurs every other year here in Copenhagen.

Alas, our Brunch of Champions Arrived and the World was at Peace. This is an example of a traditional Danish Brunch, and it was traditionally tasty.

After several sips of coffee, a platter of delight, and “A few more croissants s’il vous plaît,” it was time to retire to the cozy corners we call home, to reflect on the pleasures of a day off well spent.

Let them Eat Cake. ~p.e.