At the end of each and every day I look oh-so forward to the delightful dish we like to call dessert. You know, the one that most commonly precedes dinner, which there always seems to be just enough room for… In school I learned that the difference in spelling ‘desert’ and ‘dessert’ is that dessert has more S’s because you want more of it… That teacher couldn’t be more correct, and it has stuck with me ever since – the spelling, and the ‘wanting‘ that is.

I love that dessert can come in all shapes and sizes, forms and flavors, often reflective of the seasonal fruit available or the weather outside, or simply the mood with which you approach this delicious day’s end treat. Here I have pictured just a select few of my favorites for you to enjoy…Here’s hoping to inspire the Sweet Tooth in all of us~ Bon Appetite!

A Peach & Plum Crumble Á la mode that I made this summer with Ma Belle Soeur

My Favorite, Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe, daintily dipped into the coldest glass of Milk. I like to serve mine in a Champagne Glass to give this tasty treasure the class & credit it deserves most.

Affagotos! The finest French Vanilla Ice Cream, "drowned" (the direct Italian Translation) in freshly brewed espresso, served with a Biscotti to Tie off Tradition. Delizioso!

And Chocolate Cake Of Course, but that goes without saying...This piece was particularly moist and sinfully delicious with every bite.

That’s all for now, but you know me, there’s several more where those came from…Stay Tuned! ~p.e.