A term that conjures up thought, creativity, risk, love, pursuit, discipline, and execution. I use this term on a daily basis. In fact I make it my greatest effort to find inspiration in the little things of life just as much as the big, and living abroad, inspiration is partout!

I relish, for instance, in the historic architecture of this European city…the cracking cobblestones and uneven sidewalks, shadowed by buildings that never reach higher than a 5th floor, designed with simplistic humility and gentle attention to detail. I try to absorb the rhythm of the language, and do my best to learn the traditions of the culture through where I shop, what I eat, and who I associate myself with.

I ride a bike. I attempt conversations in Danish. I shop locally and each day, I make an effort to absorb every new sight, smell and experience. A few of which I will share avec vous…

There is something to be said  for the timeless work of Un Monsieur, Hans Christian Anderson. The renowned Danish author and poet knew the secret to telling a story, let me tell you. If Little Mermaid, Thumbelina, or The Ugly Duckling ring a bell, you are already more associated with him than you thought. Needless to say H.C. is a decorated ‘Great Dane’ if you will, adorning street names, book titles, store fronts and flea market stalls alike, with ever an enticing narrative to impart…

Bicycles, as I’ve mentioned before are the go-to vehicles of transportation in this little city. Bike lanes are often just as wide as those delegated to cars, and ‘Bike Traffic’ is a legitimate excuse for late arrival… This particular ‘cykel’ deserved to be captured in all its whicker basket, vintage-framed glory.

And as you might have guessed, I often find inspiration in the food I eat and the flavors I experience… While spicing up some mixed nuts last weekend, I paused to appreciate the beauty of one of nature’s many gifts…drizzled in honey and dabbled with dried fennel for a tenacious bite!

Lesson of the day: Tap into to your daily sources of inspiration, big & small… As the great Antoinne deSaint-Exupery once put it,

“A rock pile seizes to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a Cathedral.”