Among several others, there are two things that I love very much in life.

Cupcakes, for one have never failed to leave me feeling royally delighted and deliciously satisfied.

Cobblestones come in for a close second, as they reflect the charm, history and past of European cities alike.

On a recent Sunday walk, I was joyously surprised to experience and appreciate both of these precious gifts to daily life, and paused to give them the appreciation they deserve…

Compliments of Copenhagen's new First Cupcake Shop, Agnes Bakery!

Socks, compliments of my Sister last Christmas. Italian leather Boots, compliments of a Parisian Flea Market this Summer. Cobblestones, compliments of Copenhagen :)

Dark Chocolate Cupcake on my favorite Plate. my palate!

Just a couple more delicacies to add to my ever-growing Love List. ~p.e.