Here I will share with you a few Sneak Peaks into the lovely world in which I am living… The daily sights of a blooming ballerina, and the seasonal appreciation of a Floridian experiencing a real Fall…Here’s hoping for a delight on both ends!

Today I had another costume fitting for Sleeping Beauty, an upcoming production this Season. The darling seamstresses of the magical costume room were kind enough to give my Momma (who is visiting!) and I a timeless tour of their current projects…We became lost amidst the endless bolts of breathtaking fabric, timeless shades of ribbon and sketches of costumes on their way to perfect construction. There is so much that goes on behind that velvet curtain…

Seasonal Previews...Sleeping Beauty

Below is a captivating shot of the audience of our Royal Theater, also known as ‘Gamle Scene’ or Old Stage. It was taken by my nearest & dearest Mommy as she anxiously awaited an endearing performance of Balanchine’s Serenade. Take a moment to notice the King/Queen’s ‘box, decorated with four guilded chairs located on the left. Across from their in the other Royal ‘box’ you would normally find the Ladies in Waiting. For this reason we refer to either sides of the stage as “Konger’s (King’s) Side” & “Damer’s (Ladie’s) Side”, as opposed to the conventional stage right and stage left. A royal way to mix things up :)

Photo Credit: Cheryl Elsbree, Sapid Spaces

As audiences cozy up inside, the fall leaves outside reflect contagious feelings of autumnal warmth, embracing every brick wall with effortless beauty…

It is not so often that I get to appreciate the theater from the other side of the curtain, so luckily we get a sneak peak of such formal affair thanks to Mommy, my honorary audience member for a recent Friday night premiere. Below is a humble reception of the audience during intermission…Quite a different crowd than the recent halftime frequenters at my brother’s football game a few days prior.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Elsbree, Sapid Spaces

Here’s to seasonal secrets from Royal Theaters and tiny, cobblestoned courtyards…Enjoy.