My brief blogging hiatus was due to the most special visit I recently received from my dearest parents… I assure you it was worth the wait, as I have plenty of photos to show for the magical week we spent together…Cooking, flea marketing, eating, dancing, sleeping, performing, and enjoying the crispness of a Copenhagen Fall. The opportunity to perform for my family is the ultimate redemption for the time that we spend apart as I am living abroad… It is the most rewarding experience to share my hard work and passion for what they have supported me in doing for the past 10 years of my life. I am so thankful, and I humbly dedicate this very post to them both.

Here’s to you Mom & Dad. Thank you for your vivacity, energy and zeal for life. For your support, love, strength, and inspiration that helps me every day to do what I do. I love you more than words can express…

Daddy & I on the infamous Nyhavn Street, in front of my favorite Cafe.

Flea Market Finds!

Performance Ready with our newest Swan :)

One of the many celebratory Autumn Desserts we made together...Apple Crisp á la Mode!

Take a moment to appreciate your family & friends both near and far…Savor your time spent with them. Treasure the little things. Enjoy the laughter you provide for one another and let your smiles linger…Stay tuned for many a more post, I do have un petit peu of catching up to do and I’m looking so very forward to it!

Tak for Nu!

(Danish for ‘Thanks for now!” the traditional way of ending a rehearsal, performance, dinner, blog post, etc…)