There are times when I come home after a long day of rehearsals or second-hand shopping to the smell of cinnamon, brown butter and the gentle of buzz of the delightful company I’m lucky enough to call my roommates. One particular windy Friday I arrived heavy handed to the most sinful sight of Chocolate Molten Cakes, fresh from the oven. Words cannot cover the beauty, smell or excitement I simultaneously experienced, so I will simply have to show you…

Indeed, it was not long before I was sitting before this delectable creation and a blue glass of vanilla soy milk, a smile fixed in between every bite of heaven.

There are other times, in the morning for instance, when I wake up tired and sore to the smell of fresh bread or baked goods that delightfully arouse my appetite and inspire my palate. Once on a wednesday, I stumbled gracefully into the kitchen to find myself a pile of blueberry muffins, baked for my roommate’s architecture class…I’m afraid my blogging has roused the culinary explorations of my loyal blog taste testers!

So naturally, I did my part to contribute with a simple snack favorite: Chocolate Almond Date Clusters. The kind of blissful bite that never allows you to stop after just one…and leaves that lingering fragrance of melted chocolate, and of course the scraped bowl for finger licking delight.

One thing I love about cooking and baking food for others is the mutual appreciation I share when others cook and bake for me. It goes without saying that I love being a part of the creation just as much as I enjoy eating the final dish, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that coming home to a fragrant filled kitchen and food to show for it is the ultimate reward after a long blustery day.

Here’s to shared gratitude for heart-felt culinary delights, created to enjoy with your family and friends…The satiable type of gifts that keep on giving. ~p.e.