I woke up this past Sunday craving hot, buttered, bread. Not just any bread, mind you, but the type of distinctive loaf only provided by your own loving, hardworking, expert kneading hands. Yes my fellow bakers, it was time for me to attempt my first homemade bread. Luckily I referred back to a previous post for my Danish, no fail recipe (Mør’s Brød) and if I don’t say so myself, was splendidly satisfied. Although I have already blogged about bread baking, I feel there is no excuse not to write about it again. So relish in the repetition…After all, with practice comes well anticipated perfection, and a flawlessly golden crust to show for it.

After tireless kneading, and four long hours, my dough has risen with the confidence of its conviction.

Twenty two fragrant minutes later, my first loaf of homemade bread is pridefully taken from the oven.

Followed shortly after by equally beautiful golden rewards in the form of loaf numéro deux, et trois petits pains. Et Voila.

The Bread is broken to reveal a sunflower seeded pain de la perfection!

Served warm with butter, toasted with marmelade, or topped with goat cheese & the freshest of herbs, there are endless ways to adorn a golden loaf of glee...

Now go get yourself some flour, yeast, sunflower seeds, a pinch of salt, water, and your breading bowl of choice, and let the kneading begin!

Au Revoir~p.e.