One thing I just absolutely love about dancing is getting to try on & enjoy flouncing about in beautiful, handmade costumes made to fit. I love looking in some of the ‘used’ costumes I get to wear for certain ballets and seeing which dancers also wore them at one point in their careers… and I can’t help thinking about those who will see my name in their costume in the future…The luxury of dancing in a new production is that you get to originate the costumes for the roles you do. This means that every last measurement is your own, and it is a very humbling, powerful experience.

Last week during one of our performances of Napoli I decided to take advantage of our brief intermissions to capture the beauty of my various ensembles…from high-waisted silk skirts, to sheer, sequined dresses, to princess-seamed bodices, this show offers a plethora of costume contentment…Interspersed with photos of a recent Chocolate Molten Cake endeavor I experimented with last night, my long weekend leaves me with absolute fulfillment from toe to tête…A brilliant culmination of fine fabrics and rich chocolate indulgences.

Click Here For Martha Stewart’s Recipe of Chocolate Molten Cakes

“Fabric, to him, was the stimulus of creativity. The smell of silk, of a fresh bolt of cotton – these were the joys of his life.”

-Sam Wasson’s Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. on Hubert de Givenchy