This morning I decided it was time for a little baking to start my day on a sweet note. I opened my no-fail favorite, Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook and quickly fell upon a tempting recipe for Oat-Date Scones. As I prepared my ingredients, lit some candles and dawned my robe and slippers, my roommate woke up just in time to accompany me with a spectacular playlist of timeless tunes…We started off with classics from Frank Sinatra and darling Ella, and not two or three songs down the line, we were delightfully surprised with Bing Crosby’s Silent Night. That is just about the time that we opened the windows for some fresh, late fall air, and decided it was never too soon to begin the holiday season. Especially when our street is currently being adorned with Christmas wreaths, garlands, and wooden stalls that will soon host the annual ‘Julestue’ (Christmas Market) along Nyhavn.

Alas, with November underway (Thanksgiving is not celebrated here obviously, but that of course will not stop us foreigners from hosting a potluck dinner in honor of our dear Homeland….a lovely excuse to baste a turkey, make some green bean casserole and best of all, that savory pumpkin pie…) the Danes like to begin the Yuletide celebrations as early as they can so that Christmas can bring its Seasonal Merriment for the longest possible amount of time before winter takes over for numerous months to follow….No complaining here. Oh, and p.s. the Scones were absolument délectable!

Season’s Greetings & Sweet Golden Scones… P.E.