Ahhh, another day at the theater, and an eventful one at that…A studio filled with Fairies, Cavaliers, Princes from far off lands and Royalty sprinkled about. Blue Birds, Cats, and evil Antagonists…Spindles and Roses and TuTus and Toile….I took a moment during a brief break from our FairyTale to capture the behind-the-scenes magic that makes it all happen. As our premiere date approaches (2 weeks from tomorrow!), it’s high time to sew some pointe shoes, dawn our fairy dust, and put our best, magical foot forward…

Below, one of Aurora’s Practice TuTus, guarded by her trustee bag of Satin Shoes and Regal Ribbon

A Bag of Treats and Toe Shoes and Tape…a common scene at the ‘workplace’ :)

And what would a day be without garlands of Roses, Spindles and Mystical subjects?

A Final sneakpeak is yours with this last…Une petite Pièce de résistance to leave you curious & convinced.

A lovely day is finished…Let’s see what plots and ploys tomorrow has to bring…xoxo