Another lovely, long week underway and we find ourselves a mere 5 days away from the world premiere of Sleeping Beauty! The minor excuse for my slow coming posts, I do apologize… Luckily I got to catch up on all things buttery and blissful on my luxurious Sunday off…I boiled some apples for my favorite compote recipe to store up for a week of power breakfasts and sat down with my roomie to watch Love Actually and to get into the Spirit of the Holidays upon us. Goodness I love that movie.

After some knitting, a fresh pressed cafe latté and an enticingly warm bowl of oatmeal, I sat down to browse recipes and decided on the Italian Favorite, Biscotti’s. These deliciously dry, twice baked cookies, if you will, are the perfect accompaniment to any warm beverage of choice. Especially when liberally glazed with a Chocolate Mocha Icing…Go ahead, have two ;)

Now pour yourself a hot cup of votre choix, Dip, Bite, Savor, Enjoy.

Repeat sans Regret.

xoxo. p.e. (Recipe to follow…)