This morning on my way to the theater I got to enjoy our season’s first Snow Fall. A lovely, delicate white blanket that clung to branches and sat gently upon bike seats and cobblestones. Something about Snow makes cold weather so much more bearable, I just love it.

Don’t think for a second that this type of Nordic weather would keep locals off their ‘cykels‘ either.. I captured this lonely bike on my street, but walked a block or two to find the bike lanes just as crowded as usual. Snow proof tires? Je pense, Oui.

Around the cobblestoned corners I strolled to find our ‘box office’ in all of its Glory. Speckled in Snow Flakes and oh-so inviting…

I caught a quick glimpse of these icicles that hung dauntingly from one of the “Jule Market” stalls on Nyhavn and stopped to take one more picture before I dawned my tights and toe shoes for the day….

And alas, I arrived on August Bournonville’s Passage and made my way to the Stage door for another day of training, turning and a wee bit of rehearsing… What an ideal way to prepare for a day of Beauty

Love & Light. p.e.

(Tornerose is the Danish translation for Sleeping Beauty)