As I mentioned earlier, I attended a splendid (belated) Thanksgiving abroad here in Copenhagen with my lovely ‘adopted’ Danish Family. One thing I can say for sure, is that despite the fact that this American holiday was spent away from my homeland, there is indeed something to be said for traditional recipes that travel abroad. From a classic cranberry relish to the most moist slices of turkey, the tastes of tradition live on…Let me take you on this petite journey of my all but foreign Thanksgiving. With so much to be thankful for, I couldn’t think of a better way, place, time or menu to celebrate the gift of gratitude.

Red Cabbage, Walnut, Raspberry & Orange Salad, accompanied by a ceramic bowl of Homemade Bread. Need I say more?
The piéce de resistance: A Thanksgiving Turkey. Moist, mouthwatering, magical.
Not just a bowl of potatoes. Mais Non! A cast iron, 10 pound basin of perfectly spiced, golden Yukons…
The most delicately delicious Carrot, Parsnip and Pine Nut Medley to spruce up your plate of pleasure…

Shall we raise our golden goblets to the traditions of yore? Timeless tastes and memorable moments…Thanks for joining!

Gravy and Gratitude, p.e.