One thing that makes the frigid temperatures during the winter here perfectly acceptable is the city’s festive excitement and enthusiasm for Christmas. Everyday brings a new discovery of sights, smells, and simple customs that capture the cozy essence of every street corner and cobblestone . A captivating view of snow covered rooftops, a mulled wine decorated with spices, Christmas trees and markets lining each quaint rue…Even the theater is decorated with stockings and wreaths hung from statues, welcoming the public in for a performance…

I took this picture from the window of our highest studio, located at the very tip top of the Royal Theater.  When my dad saw it, he asked when Mary Poppins was going to come floating down with her umbrella, and I really think he nailed it with that one…  This captivating peak of winter is everything I love about Europe. Mystery. Rigid rooftops, Spires, and Domes of Marble Cathedrals. Looming clouds & authentic simplicity that can only be found in buildings that have withstood centuries of stories and humble history.

After my little photo shoot before class, I proceeded to go downstairs to primp and prep before show number six of Sleeping Beauty…Despite this wintry fairytale I find myself in, some work has to be done too of course…

Photo Credit: David Amzallag

On my way home I stopped to admire the absolute perfectness of the mystical moment pictured below. Something about freshly fallen snow on the branches of a Seasonal Tree gives me butterflies in my stomach.

And one more ‘Pose‘ to leave you with this Friday. Dancing here in Act One as one of ‘Aurora’s Friends’, a little curtsy to the royal court and we can call it a day.

Photo Credit: Jens Otto Nielsen

Christmas Carols, twinkling lights, and decorated store fronts are all lovely treasures of this time of year, but perhaps my favorite part about Christmas is the subtle warmth and joy that seems to emanate from every cyclist and civilian that roam these city streets…The beauty of nature and weather we have no control of. The simplicity of snow and the smell of evergreens and cinnamon. Performing for families who have come to the ‘Old Stage’ for a FairyTale that further reflects the magic happening just outside those grand double doors.

Fresh fallen Snow & a Smile.