This morning I arose to a heavy snowfall outside my double paned windows, and smiled at the thought of staying in bed on this rare week day off. With 5 more performances of Sleeping Beauty this coming weekend, I decided it was a day for baking and blogging before we wrap up our Royal Fairytale…With just enough coconut flakes to spare, I decided on this delicate recipe for Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons that I stumbled upon recently in a Real Simple Article.

What I love about this easy recipe is the crispy, golden brown of toasted coconut flakes which pair beautifully with a gentle (yet generous) dip of chocolate…I hope they bring you the same fragrant remains and sumptuous flavors that they provided me…

Step one: Simple Clusters of coconut flakes, egg whites, sugar, flour and a simple pinch of salt and splash of vanilla extract…the finest, of course.

Step two: Gently dip and drizzle your golden baked, Coconut Macaroons in the finest of melted chocolates…

Step three: Refrigerate to let cool, serve and savor this exotic combination of flavors, married into a bite sized macaroon of merriment!

Here’s to flavors of summer in the heart of winter, relaxing days after hard work, and chocolate, which makes every moment more delicious.

Health & Happiness~p.e.