This Christmas I had the pleasure of joining friends in the one and only, most perfectly charming city of cities (next to Manhattan of course…).

It is Paris I speak of, and although my previous visits have been sprinkled through the sunlit months of summer, this winter appearance was no less magical and certainly no less satisfying. Every cobblestoned corner & well adorned terrace left me anxiously content with all things French & S’il vous plaît-ing for more… As expected, I took many photos to capture and savor the tastes, sights, and smells of my daily menus…Alors, my next few posts will tempt you with crunchy loaves of buttery baguettes, seeping crepes spread generously with Nutella, and the glories of French theater among others, so I do humbly advise you to stay tuned as the adventures of ‘P.E. à Paris‘ unfold… Mais pour maintenant, a few pictures to invite you into La Ville-Lumière, arranged simply to set your mood and prepare your palate. Bon Appetit!


Notre Dame Cathedral

Christmas Clementines

Une Petite Voiture

Beaucoup de Brioche!

Et finalement, a View from the Top at Sacre Coeur, Christmas Day

C’etait un bon voyage! More soon S’il vous plaît


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