“Une Crêpe nutella S’il vous plaît.”

A chilly, snow sprinkled Christmas Eve…Location: Roaming the Marché de Noël near St. Sulpice in la belle Paris.

Mission: The perfect Crêpe de Nutella

Given my usual weakness for all things butter & chocolate, it did not take long before I steered myself toward the nearest Crêpe Vender; standing boldly between neighboring stalls of Swiss Cheese and German Gingerbread. I was drawn towards this particular ‘Connaisseur de Crêpe‘ when I witnessed his enthusiasm for flipping freshly sliced sausages with ease, wafting in the fragrant oils and steam that rose from his round skillet. Of course given the seasonal circumstance and casual yearning for French Fare, I was sold and claimed my rightful spot in queue….

Monsieur C buttered the skillet with a generous hand and ladled the batter just so, twirling his wooden ‘T’ with a flick of his wrist & eager anticipation…Flipping with ease, he pressed the crêpe gently before drizzling spoonfuls of Nutella in all the right directions…

Ahhh Oui. As he folded the crêpe into perfect triangles, he whirled his spatula, a skillful gloat on his face…Leaving this paper-thin pancake to cook a bit longer than you’d prefer to wait created a satisfying crispy outside, while warming up the hazelnut spread which so generously compliments this confection.

Now the trick to this one is using Nutella as a palatial ‘glue’ if you will, spreading layers of goodness in between each fold to ensure a secure delivery ;)

A gentle dab of butter on each side before turning this masterpiece into its modest paper sleeve…Et Voila! A heaven sent experience from the first crispy bite to the final, oozing, Nutella filled bottom of the buttered triangle.

Merci Beaucoup Monsieur C! My love of crêpes has been humbly reconfirmed and abundantly stimulated with every fragrance & flavor.

Au Revoir~p.e.