Well it’s that time of year again.. You know…the time that marks the end of a humble era and the beginning of responsibility & adulthood…I started this week of the New Year with my Birthday, and I can only boast that it was simply fantastisk from start to finish. You know you are loved when family from afar stays up until 1:30 in the morning to call at my normal waking hour to sing me “Happy Birthday”… When you go out to the kitchen to find your roomates taking loaves of homemade bread from the oven and squeezing fresh oranges for an accompanying juice, after having made an early run to the bakery for the finest buttered croissants…When your entire company sings to you and the mirage of voices seemingly emanates off the shingles of quaint European rooftops…When you dance all day, eating french chocolates in between steps, and come home to a surprise dinner followed by homemade ‘Lagekage’ (Danish for ‘Layered Cake’) – a traditional treasure if there ever was one. A day of celebration that could not have been better, a new year filled with anticipation, excitement, opportunity, and precious people who continue to make each day better than the last. ‘Tusind Tak’ to my darling friends and family for a Birthday I will never forget…

The table setting for Breakfast, the sweetest clementines scattered amongst flickering tea candles and winter blossoms.

The Danish tradition is to bring in a bowl of candy on your Birthday, adorned with Danish Flags and set on top of the piano for a celebratory class of sugar and sweets…

A surprise dinner to greet me from a day at the theater… Spinach Fettucini with homemade Pesto, Yes my friends, homemade Pesto.

Lagekage” pronounced, “Loaw Kaye”: A simple vanilla cake stacked between layers of freshly flavored whipped cream. (The one below was made with one layer of banana whipped cream, one layer of raspberry whipped cream, and topped off with a final layer of plain whipped cream…need I say more? Je pense, non.)

Here’s to being spoiled with indulgent flavors and endearing company both near & far…It’s going to be une grande année ~ I can already taste it.

Candles & Karma, p.e.

p.s. Merci Beaucoup to all who voted for TuTus&Tea as a “Top 10 Dance Blog”. I am humbled and honored to tell you that I was selected amongst the Top 10!