A lovely trip home to America left me super-sizingly satisfied with all things family, fun and food — yet scarcely allowed me time to blog!

The time has come for a good catch up… Alorsmerci de votre patience!

This might seem arbitrary, but the culture shock of living in Europe and returning now and then to North America never seems to cease. Paying $6.00 for a coffee at a corner café, sipping it ever so slowly surrounded by foreign conversation is not nearly the same experience as my usual Grandé, extra Hot Soy Latté at Starbucks, greeted by the Barista who knows my name and free refills….Vous comprenez?

On a more solitary note, I have come to find that the ancient, historic streets of Europe seem to parallel closer to nature. Less artificial flavor. Less variety (think cereal and salad dressing, oui?). Less of what is more. On the other side of the big blue, I tend to see America as more man-made if you will. Urbanized and Progressive. More work. More Cars. More items on the daily menu. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with either lifestyle, I find that I can now appreciate each ‘world’ for what it is. Unique in its own distinguished type of way…

Upon realizing such correlations in life, I looked a bit closer into my daily discoveries to find the parallels between nature and mankind that deserve no less attention.

Powdered Sugar vs. Powdered Snow, for instance…Are they really all that different? They fall delicately from above, decorating the grounds of sweetness or street found below. I’m sure no two sugar crystals or snowflakes are the same, and likewise neither fail to bestow the whitest blanket of beauty upon their destined recipient… Here I have pictured some rather delectable Mexican Wedding Cookies (note: no need for a wedding to bake a batch of these ones!), and a chilly portrait I took on a recent trip to a snow-seized Manhattan…See for yourself, and relish in the humility of man and nature. We’re not so different after all.

Snow covered branches and Sugar coated Cookies. A flake, A bite, A smile. ~ p.e.