Although I enjoyed countless memorable meals and moments while visiting my homeland, there were indeed a special few that qualified for blog-worthy recognition.

There is nothing like a sky-high sandwich from my favorite Upper West Side Deli for instance — towering roast beef and thinly sliced turkey layered between slices of sour dough bread, mild cheese and cole slaw for a crunchy finish…shall I let you in on this mouth-watering experience? Oui, Regardez, s’il-vous-plaît:

Are you hungry yet? Just you wait…

Ever since my youth I have had a lovely weakness for Cinnamon Buns. Not just any cinnamon buns mind you — the very large, very American ones that contain sinful amounts of butter and don’t skimp on the cinnamon. The kind that are fresh out of the oven, ooozing with icing and dripping with indulgence. The kind that are ever so crispy on the outside, but get increasingly tender on the inside until you reach the climactic center of cinnamon sugar and splendor. Ok, I’m sure you get the point by now… Allow me to eat my words with help from L.C.

Of course I have to include a culinary experience of my own undertaking…and what says ‘Home’ more than a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies dipped into a cold glass of Vanilla Soy?

Alas, I leave you with bites of golden baked satisfaction:


Finalement, a proper nod to the ‘SpotLight‘ noted above…

I would like to extend my humble gratitude for the article written about me in the February/March Issue of Pointe Magazine.

See  “Dancer Spotlight: An American in Denmark” here!

And if you’re really ambitious and happen to need tips and tricks on Auditioning for Ballet Companies Abroad, do take a peak here and feel free to write me with additional questions!

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