It’s not every day that your work place is scattered with headless giants, burnt crows, axes and chains or skulls in a bucket… Especially, mind you, when your work place is a Royal Theater of the highest esteem; A shrine of satin, silk and silhouettes of dancers, actors and opera singers.

But once in a while, we will have a little costume parade to give light to the mid-winter darkness…And by ‘light’ I mean engorged noses, hunch backs and coiled chains to lock it all in—We’ll find pleasure in whatever sinister manner it may choose to reveal itself; and today, pleasure personified ‘dead animals’ and monsters of the underworld to be found in our upcoming production of August Bournonville’s A Folk Tale (premieres March 11, 2011 at the Opera House!).

All costumes, props, horns and goblets are property of our finest Mia Stensgaard —A destined designer with an innovative imagination and a captivating talent.

To offset all of this monster mayhem, I decided it was appropriate to come home, bake and blog about it. I chose to debut my Flavors of February with a current recipe favorite adapted from Martha Stewart — Citrus Madeleines (featured in this month’s article of Pointe Magazine!)

Another day at the office…sprinkled here and there with mystical creatures and powdered sugar ~p.e.