Happy Valentine’s Day from a lover of all things sweet and sensory, savory and splendid… You may be familiar with my former “Love Lists” on Tutus&Tea, but if not, I’ll be the first to humor you with a recap: A simple collection of items, moments, smells, tastes, and flavors that I just can’t get enough of…and given the holiday du jour, I thought it appropriate to continue with an homage to all things pink & pretty.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that I LOVE cupcakes. I adore the marriage of moist chocolate cake spread lavishly with subtle hues of a flushed rose frosting.

I also love the process of baking said heavenly confections… Taste testing the glossy batter and pressing ripe raspberries into each center for the subtle surprise of each lucky recipient…

I delight in whipping up my favorite cream cheese frosting, piping it with perfection on to the tops of each chocolate dwelling. And alas, I love sitting down with a cup of Chamomile &  polishing off my dessert plate with satisfaction and a smile.

Shouldn’t every day be one to celebrate love & eat chocolate? Je pense que oui.

Here’s to Declarations of Desire, Cupcakes & Cupid ~ p.e.

Recipe adapted from Martha Stewart & modified with a hint of ‘P.E. Curiosity