“The essence of all art is to have pleasure in giving pleasure.” (Baryshnikov)

Everyday that I walk into the studio I try to relish in the idea of wearing a tutu to work and tying on my satin covered pointe shoes. I’ve found that the nine years of training in a school, wearing the uniform colored leotard and no ‘warm-ups’ has left me most appreciative of my rather extensive (and now worn) leg warmer collection and plethora of vibrant dance wear. My ‘Business Suit‘ if you will, is often influenced by my mood, the weather, the ballet I’ll be rehearsing, or even accessorized at times by my worn & weathered practice tutu. The one that brought me to the depths of the costume department to find and somehow never fails to transform me as soon as the music cues its magic…

I thought I just might share with you a day at in the studio, captured by my dear friend and esteemed photographer, David Amzallag.

As with my love of baking and cooking, practice makes perfect…So what’s another pirouette, plié or piqué arabesque? Another pair of pointe shoes to sew, ballet to watch, correction to ingrain into my technique? What is 10 more minutes in a bucket of ice and endless rolls of blister preventative toe tape? These are the daily musings of what makes dancers true artists of their field. To spend endless hours correcting, preventing, and perfecting our bodies & minds to make the most difficult steps look easy, crossing studios and stages alike with passionate pursuit.

Here’s to the final bow & ballet in fashion.

When the blood, sweat & tears that happened behind the red, velvet curtain culminate in rewarding exhaustion and a modest curtsy.

behind the scenes & fervent dreams~p.e.