Sunday. sigh. How I love to wake up to an unknown hour and a day sans plans…

As I lie there in bed, pondering the day’s recipes I could hear the clatter of a waking kitchen and smiled when I saw the sun. I awoke in a Savory mood, believe it or not — so I decided to embrace the rarity and chopped some chives to throw on top of fried eggs, served á la heart shaped waffles and followed by the dulcet flavors of English Breakfast.

There are hardly words to express how I feel about a long Sunday Brunch…I suppose gratitude, solace, & comfort could suffice, but it is a simple pleasure that I will forever preserve. Plus it leaves the rest of a lazy afternoon to plan and prepare an early dinner…

Needless to say I was on to the dîner du jour shortly after clean-up and my last sip of tea. I decided to try out my new tarte pan with a sumptuous twist on your ordinary countertop produce — Nothing more than a yellow onion and a bag of yukon golds. A variation of this recipe found in Martha’s Stewarts Baking Handbook left me busy and beaming for the remainder of the evening, accompanied by the timeless tones of My Fair Lady.

Step One ~ A simple batch of your standard tarte dough decorated with delicate sprigs of lemon thyme.

Step Two ~ A generous layer of scalloped potatoes marinated in olive oil, freshly ground parmesan, thyme, and a quick dash of coarse salt and ground pepper…Next up, a patterned layer of sliced onions and right into the oven until perfectly golden—a fragrant 20 or so minutes—just the right amount of time to whisk up a quick balsamic vinegar reduction to drizzle on just prior to serving.

Shall I let Little Chef do the talking?

Alas, my colorful cravings are satisfied. Time for something Sweet!

Here’s to days of rest and savory at its best! ~ p.e.