Is there anything more refreshing and reminiscent of summer than citrus? After another late February snowfall, I decided on challenging the weather with the fragrant zest and tang of a ripe, juicy lemon to beguile my senses with hints of a much anticipated Spring.

Enter Lemon Meringue Tartelettes.

Simply because I’ve been perfecting a tarte dough of late—buttery, golden with hints of honey and flakes of crispy goodness— and I just so happened to have wisely purchased three organic lemons on my way home.

And since Lemon pairs so joyfully with Meringue and I couldn’t resist another ‘pro-piping’ opportunity…

And since I have yet to indulge myself in a flame torch, a few fragrant minutes under the broiler was the perfect touche finale!

Here’s to hints of Spring and odes to Summer.


recipe adapted appreciatively from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook