On the rare occasion that the Scandinavian Sun breaks through looming clouds and lingering darkness, us anxious locals like to call it Spring for a day and pray that Winter has at last retired. Now that we are going on 3 days straight (!!!) of dawdling day light, it is safe to say that Springtime is certainly on the rise… Is there any better way to celebrate than brunching in a window seat? Buying your first carton of *fresh strawberries and embracing every opportunity to photograph in daylight? Je pense que, non mes amis.

En particulier, blooming buds of lazy daisies and tender tulips…. peut-être a little more time outside.

Here’s a refreshing glance into my celebration of Spring — ripe for the pickin’…

Brunch: A decadent blend of sweet and savory flavors that permits you two meals worth of food in one long, indulgent sitting.  Could you ask for anything more?

A revival of Fall Favorites: What competes with PB & J for an afternoon snack? Hello open-faced bites of heaven.

Delight in the return of Daffodils.

Here’s to Sunny Afternoon Snacks, Smells of Spring and the Windup of Winter.

berries, blooms and blessings~p.e.