It’s so easy to fall into a daily routine. To eat the same breakfast, to wear the same favorite leg warmers, to take for granted the same historic sights and statues lining the cobblestones on my way to work. As an American living in Europe, there are so many things I try to treasure with no less regard as my days go by…Today for instance, as I stood among tutu’d colleagues in our brightest studio, I made a mental note of my surrounding nationalities: Austria, France, England, Denmark, Australia, Norway, America. Seven countries being represented in one rehearsal. So many different roads we have taken that have all led us to the Royal Theater, where we are currently rehearsing for our final program of the season here in Copenhagen.

Spring is a time of renewed appreciation. A time of growth, revival, and long anticipated rays of lingering sunlight. An opportunity to see your ‘everyday routine‘ with rekindled excitement and humbled appreciation…

Here’s to glancing a bit longer at the faded  photos of past dancer’s adorning studio walls… To cherishing the names written inside my practice tutu by it’s former owners…To embracing all that is normally just another day, in a delightfully other way.

Peace & Passion~p.e.