I love when I start to see flower stands popping up around the city, freshly stocked with a variety of anticipated tulips… I get inspired to come home, Spring Clean my entire apartment, light a new candle, and adorn each window sill & table with a vase brimful of blossoms… Such was my Sunday. Sleeping in, vacuuming to Louis Armstrong in my jammies, and naturally, a bit of baking.

I opened my windows to let in the fresh air when it started to rain. Classic. I left them open and decided to make a fresh fruit Crumble to use the ripe yellow plums I found at the market the other day….They expertly paired with giant strawberries to sizzle & simmer beneath a crumbled coating of oats, cinnamon, nuts and all things magically delicious. 35 minutes or so later, I was left with a clean kitchen, perfumed with hints of sugar and brown buttered delight.

The rain has ceased and it is a quiet, uncharacteristically warm day out in Copenhagen. Another Seamless Sunday to welcome the season. As the saying goes…

April showers bring May flowers…Here’s hoping!

sunlight & serenity~p.e.