Conservatoire, a ballet choreographed by August Bournonville in 1849, is a classic display of Parisian sophistication. Set in a humble ballet studio, the eager dancers demonstrate their refined technique, hoping to impress the striking ballet master. The costumes seem to be inspired by the French artist, Edgar Degas, romantic white tutus adorned with subtle ribbons and black chokers for a final dash of delicacy.

…I can’t help but feel a certain nostalgia each time we perform this piece. While the “choreography” for a ballet class is quite rudimentary, it shines a soft light on the daily life, schedule & discipline of a ballet dancer. To think about the origins of this ballet…the inspiration it was drawn from, the era it was created in and for, I feel honored to help carry on such humbled traditions of style & simplicity.

We will be performing Conservatoire as part of the Evening of Ballet at the Royal Theater here in Copenhagen until May 19, 2011.

Here’s to timeless treasures~p.e.