The final leg of our 4-week USA tour brought us to the island of Manhattan…A city of lights, taxis, skyscrapers and art lovers that welcomed the Royal Danish Ballet with fancy freedom. We had the honor of performing in the New York City Ballet’s David Koch Theater, located in the heart of Lincoln Center on the Upper West Side, where we danced for audiences aplenty during a surreal week of wonder.

Between friend & family re-unions, frequented cafés of yesteryear, crabby cabbies and endless nights… I savored the sights, smells and simple magic that only the City can provide.

Atlast the season has come to an end…Sigh. It’s been a complete whirlwind of challenges, rewards, opportunities, passion, exhaustion, love & laughter…and now, summer greets us with a smile.

Here’s to ripe berries of every kind & color, stone fruit cobblers and storing the satin shoes away for a while…Sweet returns to a sleepless city, friends, family & freedom.

Season’s end & Summer’s Serenity~p.e.

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