There are so many seasonal gifts I anticipate during the summer… Juicy Watermelon, Berries at their peak & Produce at its prime. Charcoaled Meats and Veggies hot off the grill… Sleeping in on Sundays and breakfasts that turn into lunches as ours did today.

After a bridge walk and late morning swim, I had only one plan of action for the two crates of plump blueberries from yesterday’s market splurge…Waffles. And not just your ordinary waffles, mind you, but my mother’s famously delicious—gluten-free—BlueBerry Waffles drizzled liberally in an overnight blueberry port glaze. Sigh. I could eat them all over again right now.

Are you heating up your waffle-iron yet…? Perhaps your on to thoughts of dinner at this point (with tomorrow’s breakfast pre-destined…) in which case I suggest you take your hat off to summer by firing up the grill…There is nothing more satisfying than perfectly paralleled grill marks on thick slices of zucchini or the color of verbena green corn stalks encasing kernels of golden delight. A healthy dab of herb butter, home-made ice tea and your set…

Here’s to weekends at home…Summer Days that turn into Summer Nights. Sweet company & Unforgettable flavor.

Savoring Gifts of a joyful June~ p.e.