Ice Cream is something that I continue to enjoy all year round…rain, snow or shine~ But I have a particular appreciation for the cold creamy goodness on the dog days of summer when anything in reference to cool sounds tempting… Today I decided to be adventuresome & made use of a few sun-ripened mangos that my brother brought home…

Into the mixer it went with a delicate mix of orange blossom honey and vanilla, a variation on this recipe from one of my favorite inspiration blogs, and a mere 45 minutes later I found myself sitting cooled & content.

…It was about this time that I found a bag of fresh-frozen blueberries and came to the only probable conclusion of baking my first of many Summer Crumbles. A Very Berry Crumble I might add (adapted from Katie’s) that paired and photographed famously amongst my freshly-churned concoction of frozen heaven.

Enjoy dear readers…you know I did.

Blueberry Crisps & Frozen Homemade Bliss~ p.e.