Last weekend I had the pleasure of grazing along our local farmer’s market with my closest family. Despite the merciless heat, our little Main Street was chock full of local growers and community patrons…

I love when people go local. The thought of food, work, health and happiness circulating to support your neighbors is not only comforting but also inspiring in all the right ways. Needless to say, produce does as well in the Florida heat as I do, quick to tire & too easily over-ripened.

It’s hard to go wrong with berries though—as you can tell from recent posts…So I decided to experiment with a couple new recipes compliments of a recent Clearance Splurge on bakeware I happened to stumble upon at Williams-Sonoma.

Here is the result of a Strawberry medley atop a bed of cream cheesy delight, supported by none other than a gluten free tart shell. Drizzled, naturally with Agave for one more degree of decadence…

Next Up we have Blueberry-Chocolate Ganache Tartelettes for variations on a theme…Thankfully these bite-sized treats justified my 28 pack of petit-four molds purchase… As you can assume, it was nearly impossible to stop after one, good thing there were 28.

In all of my summer berry-bliss I did happen to indulge myself in a few premium market finds that I simply couldn’t resist. Among my pantry newbies include local Lavender Honey, best eaten by the spoonful to ensure a sweet night’s rest…Candied Ginger that doesn’t quit and of course, your standard bag(s) of dry roasted almonds, always good to have on hand…snack on with aforementioned ginger, or slice and sprinkle atop a deserving crisp or crumble.

Alas, I returned home heavy-handed with my farmer’s market loot, dreaming of all the lovely goodies I would conjure up as soon as I cooled off in the pool… I leave you with a recent article published in our local Newspaper, written in light of my ‘Dancing with the Danes’… and some Stone Fruit I happened to capture in their best light on a steamy Sunday.

~Empty Crates & Local Food Fates~

Here’s to the locals. Supporting Friends and the Sweet Rewards & Recognition of passion and pursuit on both sides of the red-velvet curtain.