My summer travels lead me back to Bella Italia where—if you recall— I had the pleasure of spending this past Easter under the spell of a Roman Rapture. Naturally, I could hardly wait to return, so my recent research has left me craving all things pasta, formaggio… green, red & white.

A daily visit to Whole Foods inspired this timeless dish, your Classica Insalata Caprese— A dipped-fedora’s nod to Italian patriotic pride.

primo ingrediente: Mozzarella di Bufala~ God’s gift to the world of stretchy cheeses…

Secondo: cimelio di pomodoro, otherwise known as the coveted Heirloom Tomato e infine, Basilico.

Of course a picture-perfect sunset to accompany this tri-color creation is always appreciated…

My loyal readers might remember the Erik Bruhn Prize Competition I danced in last Spring? Well take a peak at this belated interview that my partner and I enjoyed pre-performance…Compliments of Ballet-Dance Magazine.

Stay tuned for future musings of Italy’s finest!

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