And we’re off! Another Season filled with rain, sun, cobblestones, cookies, BalanchineBournonville and all that lies between each bite, bend & brick. After the most fulfilling summer of family, food, and some much needed R & R, we have hit the ground running, rehearsing for three different programs for the coming fall. In between physical therapy, icing, stretching and all of the bitter sweetness that comes from taking time off, I managed to escape the world of tutus for a rainy, Sunday afternoon off…complete with tea and madeleines. Chocolate Madeleines (adapted from Martha Stewart’s, naturally) sprinkled generously in powdered sugar for show ;)

Below are a couple pictures my dad managed to capture while I took class back home during the Carreno Festival...You can bet it’s a bit cooler here in Copenhagen, but nonetheless colorful and insanely Dane-ly

Photo Credit: Scott Elsbree

Photo Credit: Scott Elsbree

Here’s to the kick off! Stay tuned for more Recipes, Repertoire, Costume Fittings & Culinary Musings on Tutus&Tea!

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