Life never fails to surprise me…Something about the spontaneity of daily twists and turns keeps me motivated, inspired and on my toes (no pun intended ;)

It was January of this year that I found out I’d be learning the role of the “pupil” in Flemming Flindt’s Enetimen, known in english as The Lesson. In all of my eager excitement I read the play it was based off of, watched several different videos from previous casts and began to envision myself running through the door in the opening scene, awe-struck and bewildered by an original set and a looming fate.

Little did I know it would be nearly 8 months before I got to learn this role, creating a character and developing my experience as an actor amongst seasoned talents with whom I would share the stage…Patience is not one of my strongest suits in all honesty, so as I stood back stage before my premiere, I was struck with the thunderous realization of just how long I had waited for this very moment. As the bell rang, I pictured my parents (who so generously flew all the way from America to see…) sitting hand in hand on the edge of their seats, waiting in anticipation to see me perform a ballet I had so long anticipated.

The role of the pupil in this ominous story is one of unique presentation…Within 28 minutes, I had to ride an emotional, albeit physical roller coaster …Portraying the naive excitement of a teenage ballerina-to-be, who faces her threatening teacher with all too eager humility. The challenge for me was expressing my every thought, realization and fear with more than steps—as your average mime might have it…I felt the weight of a sympathetic audience, speckled with original cast members, friends and family…Eight months of patience and one month of intense preparation coming to the ultimate conclusion of a tragic death….and a rewarding bow.

I’ve learned that the journeys in life, however tragic, exhausting, heartfelt or long awaited they are, are what allow us to enjoy the final victories that much more… This career highlight is one I will truly never forget, and look so forward to developing when it comes again in the Spring of 2012!




           Here’s to patience and expressing passion. Exposing fear and accepting fate.

Lesson Learned.