ahhh the joys of October… crisp weather, fall produce and radiant foliage…this is simply one of my favorite seasons.

My dear roommate brought back a wicker basket of apples from her mother’s  tree, which promptly inspired me to get baking in celebration of Fall. Can I ask you something? Have you ever wafted the scent of ripe apples carried through open windows by crisp autumn air? Well this is how I started my day, with a scent, a smile, and a recipe in mind.

I’ll leave you with a few leftover  favorites from The Lesson… dramatic remnants of our season’s first program…Onto our second mixed repertoire, Virtuoso Trin! ~ Stay tuned for more…


Here’s to crisp combinations of drama & delight.

*Note: I did make a few little changes to Martha’s recipe, by adding freshly grated ginger and oats to the topping…I also took more of a tart vs. cake approach…Feel free to experiment!

Happy Fall!