The final note of our Broadway Evening is one that easily evokes nostalgic memories of everyone’s first West Side Story experience…the movie, the broadway, the ballet… There is something about the color and combination of dance, song & enthusiasm that takes you back. Some how, Some day, Some where…

A great photographer and friend of mine happened to capture these playful shots from backstage with a unique angle on lighting & movement ~ a work of art in and of themselves, which I felt the need to share with you…

…and on the topic of sharing, I have recently been featured on the lovely dance blog of another professional dancer which integrates dance & health through education and experience…Take a peak here and let us know what you think!



“Dance at the Gym”

Thanks once again to Dance Healthier for a fun and creative collaboration!

Here’s to Cool Colors and Enlivening Light


Our Broadway Evening program continues until November 28th, see here for more photos, trailers & ticket info!