This past weekend the Royal Danish Ballet  played host to the likes of several world-class dancers of our generation…Alina Cojocaru, Nehemiah Kish, Johan Kobborg, & Tamara Rojo of the Royal Ballet of London, Marcelo Gomes of American Ballet Theater, & Nina Ananiashvili among others graced the stages of Gamle Scene for the Dancing for Unicef Gala ~ An unforgettable evening of bountiful, artistic generosity in it’s highest form, completely orchestrated by two of our own, Sebastian Kloborg & Ulrik Birkkjær.

To say this experience was unforgettable is no less than an understatement. The energy at the theater was seemingly palpable all day as the royal halls, studios and balconies filled with anticipation & talent, preparing for an evening of seamless fantasy & selfless perfection…in the name of such a good cause. From tear jerking pas de deux’s to playful violin virtuosos, breathtaking portrayals of love, life & death, the night’s repertoire was awe-inspiring. The Royal Danish Ballet concluded the evening with Harald Lander’s Etudes, one last flip of the black & white tutus that decorate the ceiling of our costume room on their time off….

In all of my post-gala excitement I woke feeling utterly enlightened and appreciative to work amongst such generous, talented individuals that I am honored to also call my friends. As a celebratory, seasonal effort, I whipped up a Pumpkin Pie…a pre-Thanksgiving notion of giving Thanks.

Here’s to sharing time, talent, love & laughter in more ways than one…Celebrating life & Giving back.

I would like to thank everyone involved in this memorable event…

Dexterity & Charity ~ p.e.

p.s. The pumpkin pie recipe was none other than Martha Stewart’s…are you surprised?

Find the goodness here & do your best to avoid canned Pumpkin, you’ll appreciate it that much more :)