Hello dear readers! Today I would like to mention a little blog competition that Tutus&Tea is currently striving for…Do you remember Dance Advantage’s Top Dance Blog Contest from 2010? Well  that year has just flown by…leaving us with the best of 2011 and all it had to offer.

As I sit here, listening to Kenny G’s jazzy Christmas tunes and enjoying our first snowfall of the season, I would like to thank each one of you for helping to make these simple chronicles such a joy to share.. From ballet to baking…Bournonville to Balanchine… pliés to pastries, they simply would not be the same without your time, comments & encouragement.

All you have to do is comment here on this post, leaving a thought, favorite post (or recipe…or ballet…) or just a simple smile. Your support would mean the world. Let’s rally our love for art at it’s highest form (in my humble opinion :) and the joys of culinary exploration in hopes for being a Top Dance Blog of 2011!

In case you need a little memory jogger, here are some of the posts I most enjoyed sharing from the past year…

Monsters & Madeleines

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Dress Rehearsals & Dream Cake

End of Season & Strawberry Cake


Baked Apples & Bellows

Sweet Gourds & a Gala

Marzipan & Memories

Baking. Ballet-ing. Blogging.

A tri-fecta of dainty delight.