To my lovely loyal readers, friends & family… I am proud and humbled to announce that thanks to your generous comments, Tutus&Tea is among the top nominees considered for the title, Top Dance Blog of 2011! Naturally, I am mildly ecstatic and super duper appreciative for your time, thoughts and support :)

I have just one more favor to ask.. The Final Voting Round has begun and closes on January 4, 2012! With only a little over a week to vote, it’s important that we don’t delay and spread the word to guarantee our ranking :) Find the polls at Dance Advantage’s website where you can VOTE HERE  under the 1st and foremost category : Top Dance Blog, and a little further down under the categorized listing of “Dancer Musing Blogs“…

 Kindly VOTE for Tutus&Tea as the ‘Top Dance Blog 2011’ :)
I promise to keep my tales of bun-headed bliss & culinary creations coming well into the New Year & beyond!

Every click counts… xoxo