Lately the rehearsal studios of the Royal Theater have been sprinkled with parasols, fans & feathers in hope of capturing an authentic portrayal of Victorian Era, high-society Paris. The eloquent, timeless melodies of Chopin can be heard from every open door, and we are daily attending Grand Balls of every cast & color…preparing ourselves, dear readers, for the start of an exciting, new (for us) production by Hamburg Ballet’s, John Neumeier.

The Lady of the Camellias is a tragic love story based on Alexandre Dumas, fill’s original novel, written in 1848. It tells the tale of a theatrical drama, unparalleled for its time and tightly wrapped in the silk silhouettes of courtesan affairs…think scorned lovers and scandals, heart wrenching twists & timeless choreography set in its entirety to the brilliant scores of “the piano’s great poet”.

From costume fittings to late evening rehearsals, I have enjoyed every minute of this captivating creation, and it’s only just begun… Having read the novel, I am finding each step, role & personality to convey through dance even more delicious…This goes to show the timelessness of genius collaborations. Below, enjoy a little sneak peak of props, fittings, dresses for days…and look forward to much more! The Lady of the Camellias premieres on March 30, 2012, click here for tickets and more!

Here’s to French Affairs veiled by lace & love…p.e.