Happy first day of Spring! At last we have escaped the excuse of winter weather in high hopes of longer days and warmer rays.. It’s times like these I like to be more spontaneous.. enjoying a coffee in the sun, appreciating the smell of grass and the first sight of budding flowers. Spring produce is always tempting my palate at this point and I try to get more experimental. Recently I tried on a new recipe for size, a combination of specified ingredients and random additions that resulted in a version of Eggplant Parmesan. Rather delicious if I don’t say so myself…

Among other delights I decided to highlight one of my personal sources of daily happiness (…other than Chopin melodies, humorous colleagues and dancing for work & play…) Each day on my way to and from certain studios I stall while passing the Costume Room at the Royal Theater… A vast array of fabrics, threads, and seamless talent that make-up the magic, so crucial to telling the tale of a ballet. Recently the windows have been chock full of jewel tones, extravagant capes & ruffles and spools of silk  & string. Our current production in the works–Lady of the Camellias, requires the outfitting of 19th century France…endlessly grandeur & beyond humble realms of beauty. We have the fortune of borrowing a majority of the costumes from the Paris Opera Ballet, whose stage we graced earlier this yearHowever the principal costumes have been created from scratch, and I am simply lost for words in attempt to describe them. Alas, photos will have to suffice..

Here’s to Spring Fever, alas awakened.

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