Fragrant Red Roses. Early morning Sun. Timeless classical melodies. Jam Sandwich Cookies. Photoshoots…on either side of the lens.

Here’s a little love list to kick off the Spring Season…For me there is nothing more promising than the smell of fresh flowers and being awoken by a bright blue matter how restless a night’s sleep, sunshine always seems to be the ticket to start the day with a smile.. Especially after a long, Scandinavian winter.

Speaking of sun, while at home in Florida over my winter break, I teamed up with my talented friend & photographer, Tutti del Monte. It was her brilliant idea that we do some sort of Dance Photoshoot around the city, inspiring locals and tourists alike to support Art at it’s purest: A collaboration of time, creativity and a wee bit of sunlight stretching, and we turned out with quite a good number of prints, available for sale to support the various charities we’ve set up in my Aunt Donna’s name. I couldn’t think of a better reason to dance than for a cause

Here’s to embracing Seasonal Sweetness & Giving Back.

You can find the recipe for these rather delicious Jam Sandwich Cookies here…I used Fig jam only because it’s my absolute favorite…Enjoy!