Tomorrow evening the Royal Danish Ballet will premiere perhaps my favorite ballet to date. John Neumeier’s Lady of the Camellias is a dynamic combination of seamless steps, extravagant detail, tempting plot lines & exquisite choreography — accompanied by a timeless score of Chopin’s finest.

Over the past five weeks we’ve been rehearsing this lover’s tale. Costume fittings…late evening rehearsals…daily run-throughs…all culminating in the next month of our 12 performance-run.

Below I will share with you some pictures taken of rehearsals, one in the studio, the other on stage – I find it so intriguing to see the impact that lighting, costumes and overall ‘stage-energy’ can have on bringing choreography–and a story to life…

(despite the fact that we are without make-up, during a dress rehearsal…)

…Here my dear readers, a mere taste of the cake.

 from a Page to the Stage. an unforgettable Story.