Well, yes I’m admittedly 10 days late with an Easter recipe, but I”m afraid it’s never too late to try something new :)

…This past weekend I took it upon myself to throw a well overdue Tea Party. A simple, cozy gathering of great food and even better company..So Sunday I rose with the sun, put on some inspiring melodies and took to the kitchen. Recent produce indulgences resulted in a menu of Lady Finger Sandwiches—a repeat recipe from this baby shower–a thinly sliced combination of flavorful heaven. A Citrus-Mint Salad of sliced oranges & grapefruits (both from Florida!) marinated in lemon juice and sprinkled with fresh mint…A celery snack which I like to think of as a more urban version of ‘Ants on a Log‘ (think almond butter and dried cherries)….and the real star of the show, my first attempt at Hot Cross Buns.

The most familiar I’ve ever been with this Easter treat was its namesake nursery rhyme I learned as a child, but after seeing these pictured abundantly across favorite blogs, Pinterest, etc… I thought I should give them a go. Hot Cross Buns are a sort of sweetly spiced bread roll , usually speckled with a dried berry of sorts, and topped with a piped ‘Cross’ just before baking~ believed to be a mark of the Holy Cross as these are eaten mainly on Good Friday. After stumbling upon this post on Mowielicious, I was kneading, crossing and baking before I knew it…

….slathered liberally with butter and my new favorite Black Current Jam (a pøj pøj gift from a dear friend…), served warm out of the oven ~ you can bet that Tea time will be nothing but sweetly successful…

…..and speaking of berries…Check out this great recipe of mine for Muesli Muffins featured on Pointe Magazine’s Blog! Original blog post Here :)

What are your Easter kitchen traditions…?

Hot Cross Bun-filled Bliss~ p.e.